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Welcome to PLAYGOWNS, where the power of corporate sponsorship can make a world of difference in the lives of children and their families as they journey toward recovery in hospitals. Our mission is simple yet profoundly impactful: to bring smiles, comfort, and joy to young patients facing challenging medical circumstances. Through our specialized gowns, we strive to alleviate anxiety and create moments of happiness for these brave children.

Benefits of Sponsorship

Sponsoring PLAYGOWNS isn't just about changing gowns; it's about changing lives, one smile at a time.

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The Harrisburg Senators

"We get the chance to come in here and brighten someone else's day. It very humbling for us to make sure we don't take our jobs for granted and to give back, that's what this sport is about."

- Jarrett Gonzales, Harrisburg Senators

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